Bank Grade Security

Planto uses the very state-of-the-art security measures with the handling of your information. We do not store your credentials at any point.
Planto will never ask you for any of your personal identifiable information i.e. Name, Email, HKID or your phone number because we want to ensure that all information is completely anonymised, and can not be tied to anyone. Your financial data is ONLY accessible to you, never to another human being.

What our beta testers are saying

Testimonial from beta user: Jessica
Because of my demanding job, I feel like I can spend freely to blow off steam, but at the end of the day, my savings end up being less than what I would think. I have been using Planto for a month now and the fact that I can stay in control of my budget is incredible.
Jessica – Private Equity Professional
Testimonial from beta user: Paul
Hong Kong is expensive, especially for the creatives out here! But while I am living life on the go, I am so glad Planto is constantly a reminder of why I need to plan and set financial goals for a secure future.

Paul – Videographer / Enterpreneur

Testimonial from beta user: Giselle
Knowing every morning how much I spent the day before is a game changer. I have had a lot of guidance from my parents around financial management and Planto makes me feel that I can finally achieve the goals I set for myself and show my parents that I am saving regularly.
Giselle – Environmental Consultant